• Celebration of 27th Annual Day of Manthali SACCOS(3rd Feb, 2024)

  • Manthali Valley and Manthali Municipality of District Headquarters

  • Manthali SACCOS Office and Tamakoshi Hospital at TSS owned Building

  • Manthali SACCOS Office Room and Members doing financial transactions

  • Conduction of 26th AGM at different outreach cluster

  • Best Depositors honored on the occasion of 26th AGM

  • Child Literacy Program conducted in primary school & started Piggy Savings for students

  • Conduction of Eloquence Art Competion among Students of Inter-Secondary Schools

  • Co-operative Interactin Workshop among newly elected Local Representatives

  • Staff management team of Manthali SACCOS

Board of Directors (Elected from 24th AGM)


1.  Mr. Govinda Prasad Ghimire  Chairman
2.  Mrs. Chandra Khadka  Vice-Chairman
3.  Mr. Himal Dhungel  Secretary
4.  Currently vacant due to resignation  Treasurer
5.  Mr. Mahesh Raj Ghimire  Member
6.  Mrs. Nani Maiya Majhi  Member
7.  Mrs. Tara Devi Thapa  Member
8.  Mr. Nabin K.C.  Member
9.  Mr. Gautam Kumar Shrestha  Member
Account Supervisory Committee
1.  Mr. Tanka Prasad Dahal  Convener
2.  Mr. Krishna Bahadur Basnet  Member
3.  Mrs. Januki Shrestha  Member
Loan Sub-Committee
1.  Mr. Himal Dhungel  Convener
2.  Mr. Mahesh Raj Ghimire  Member
3.  Mr. Tara Devi Thapa  Member
Advisory Committee
1.  Mr. Dhruva Prasad Subedi (Ex-Chairman)  Convener
2.  Mrs. Durga Ghimire  Member
3.  Mr. Gunja Bahadur Shrestha  Member
4.  Mr. Suresh Shrestha  Member
5.  Mr. Shambhu Prasad Ghimire  Member


Various Sub-Committees and Members

Children Sub-Committee
1.  Ms. Nani Maiya Majhi    Convener
2.  Mr. Tanka Raj Subedi    Member
3.  Ms. Sushma Budhathoki    Member
Education Sub-Committee
1.  Mr. Himal Dhungel    Convener
2.  Ms. Laxmi Budhathoki    Member
3.  Mr. Dipak Kumar Khadka    Member
Health Sub-Committee
1.  Mr. Mahesh Raj Ghimire    Convener
2.  Mr. Dr. Suman Karmacharya    Member
3.  Ms. Sarita Shrestha    Member
Youth Sub-Committee
1.  Mr. Nabin K.C.    Convener
2.  Mr. Dinesh Kumar Karki    Member
3.  Ms. Shreedevi Shrestha    Member
Women Sub-Committee
1.  Ms. Tara Devi Thapa    Convener
4.  Ms. Sumika Shrestha    Member
5.  Ms. Meera Shrestha    Member