• Celebration of 27th Annual Day of Manthali SACCOS(3rd Feb, 2024)

  • Manthali Valley and Manthali Municipality of District Headquarters

  • Manthali SACCOS Office and Tamakoshi Hospital at TSS owned Building

  • Manthali SACCOS Office Room and Members doing financial transactions

  • Conduction of 26th AGM at different outreach cluster

  • Best Depositors honored on the occasion of 26th AGM

  • Child Literacy Program conducted in primary school & started Piggy Savings for students

  • Conduction of Eloquence Art Competion among Students of Inter-Secondary Schools

  • Co-operative Interactin Workshop among newly elected Local Representatives

  • Staff management team of Manthali SACCOS

About Us

Manthali Saving & Credit Co-operative Society (Manthali SACCOS) was registered in A.D. 1998/01/23 (B.S. 2054/10/20) at the Department of Cooperative, as a community based financial institution. Manthali SACCOS was promoted by a local NGO called Tamakoshi Sewa Samiti (TSS) during its co-operative campaign in Ramechhap district. TSS staff and volunteers were mainly involved during its establishment.


Manthali SACCOS is located in Manthali Municipality-1, Ramechhap district. Manthali SACCOS has reduced its coverage areas since 2011.  It has covered previous 16 VDCs which have now merged into Manthali Municipality (9 VDCs), Ramechhap Municipality (3 VDCs), Likhu Tamakoshi Village Municipalities (3 VDCs) & Khandadevi Village Municipality (1 VDC), as per the recent local body restructure. Before that, Manthali SACCOS had covered the entire 55 VDCs of Ramechhap District.

In 1990, before the establishment of Manthali SACCOS, 11 TSS staff & volunteers had started an informal saving & credit group with a total capital of Rs. 11,000. In 1998, other TSS staff & people were joined in the group for the registration as the co-operative society.

The main objective of Manthali SACCOS is to improve socio-economic condition of members through the investment of loan on reasonable interest rate to its members for skill-oriented income generation program and for the fulfillment of financial necessity on the basis of saving collected motivating regular saving habit from individual income. In addition to this, among other objectives, the operation of a community based co-operative hospital for out-patient & in-patient services is also the social objective of Manthali SACCOS.


Promoter/Partner Website Links

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