• Manthali Valley, Manthali Municipality, the headquarters of Ramechhap district

  • Manthali SACCOS & Tamakoshi Co-operative Hospital situated building (owned by TSS)

  • Manthali SACCOS office room and share members doing financial transactions

  • Staff Management Team and "Best Co-operative" award in B.S. 2070 to Manthali SACCOS

  • Best Co-operative Business Award by National Co-op Federation on 96th International Co-op Day 2075

  • Best Tax Payer Award by Inland Revenue Office Dhulikhel on National Tax Day 2018

  • On-site Co-operative Education to members at various locations

  • Inauguration of 21st AGM of Manthali SACCOS by Ramechhap DCC Chief

  • Active presence of representative share members at 21st AGM

  • Presenting Annual Program & Financial Report by Secretary & Treasurer at 21st AGM

  • Felicitation to best female and male loan members at 21st AGM

  • Felicitation to best female and male depositor members at 21st AGM

Working Coverage in Ramechhap Map



Note: As per the new local body restructure, there have been structured two municipalities and 6 village councils (rural municipalities) in Ramechhap district.

Coverage in Manthali Municipality

Ward No. 1     (previous VDC -  Manthali & Kathjor)

Ward No. 2     (previous VDC - Kathjor)

Ward No. 3     (previous VDC - Kathjor)

Ward No. 4     (previous VDC - Salu)

Ward No. 5     (previous VDC - Sunarpani)

Ward No. 6     (previous VDC - Bhaluwajor)

Ward No. 7     (previous VDC - Bhatauli)

Ward No. 8     (previous VDC - Chisapani)

Ward No. 11   (previous VDC - Gelu)

Ward No. 12   (previous VDC - Gelu) 

Ward No. 13   (previous VDC - Phulasi)

Ward No. 14   (previous VDC - Phulasi)


Coverage in Ramechhap Municipality

  • Ward No. 6    (previous VDC - Okhreni)

  • Ward No. 7    (previous VDC - Sukajor)

  • Ward No. 8    (previous VDC - Ramechhap)

  • Ward No. 9    (previous VDC - Ramechhap)


Coverage in Likhu Rural Minicipality

Ward No. 3   (previous VDC - Bijulikot )

Ward No. 4   (previous VDC - Bijulikot )

Ward No. 5   (previous VDC - Nagdaha)

Ward No. 7   (previous VDC - Tilpung)


Coverage in Khandadevi Rural Municipality

Ward No. 4   (previous VDC - Pakarbas)

Ward No. 5   (previous VDC - Pakarbas)